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Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt
Friday April 3rd Only! 
This Week @ the Ranch
WestLake Grill is open every day for Lunch & Dinner!
Open Sunday for Brunch: 10am - 2:00pm 
Call to reserve: (403) 347-4977
***text to reserve: 403 877 3456*** text only line

World of Wine Tour
Argentina Mar 26

Date Night Package
1/2 hour Private carriage ride

3 course gourmet dinner for two
served in semi-private dining space

A fine bottle of wine
A long stemed rose and a box of chocolates

Chef's Table Date Night
"Hands down, the best meal I've EVER had" 
6 Amazing Courses
Wine Pairings
Rich Flavours and Textures
3 hours
1 night

Recommended for: Date Night, Double Date Night
or dining experience for 4 to 6 friends
"To Die For"

The Month of April
Weekend Easter Egg Hunt

Your carriage/wagon or Tractor will take you to an undisclosed location on the ranch. You have 10 minutes to gather as many chocolate eggs as
you can get your hands on !