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As we boarded the plane to Victoria we discussed food choices and selections for the restaurant.  What is The WestLake Grill about… what is its’ purpose. Kim suddenly commented… it’s got to be more than just garlic and salt… we need to share what we’ve exp…

Mar 14, 2019 // Read More

Over the last few days, I’ve been reminded of the importance of preparation.  Preparation is the piece that ties Creativity and Execution together. Wednesday afternoon we watched figure skaters performing here in Red Deer for the Canadian Winter games host…

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Every year we pull out all of the stops and host a night of Easter Egg Hunting.  The Flashlight Easter Egg hunt is a fun night for all attending. We purchase the BIG Chocolate Bunny for the lucky hunter who finds the stuffed toy and we populate the propert…

Mar 07, 2019 // Read More

We gathered together today to see if we could create a Date Night Experience for those on a budget.  The current Date Night Package includes a 5 course dinner for 2, a private carriage/sleigh ride for 2, a bottle of wine a box of chocolates and a long stem…

Mar 06, 2019 // Read More

Horses live in a world that is based on fight, flight or freeze.  They communicate with each other on an action/reaction level. Body language is the main language horses understand.  So if we have any hope of training them for our purposes we really need t…

Mar 05, 2019 // Read More

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We all loved your wonderful decorations and the ambiance that Heritage Ranch offers. The food was spectacular! We now have new ‘meat loaf lovers’! We also had a few special request meals which were personally delivered an…
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