5 Tips to Help You Beat the RanchTracker

Jul 04, 2018

After tracking over 100 guests through the trees and forests at Heritage Ranch… The RanchTracker has decided to release the top 5 tips to help you outrun, outsmart and outmaneuver him.

Here they are:

1. Wear camouflage! The absolute toughest guests ever chased/tracked wore “ghillie suits”.  Camouflage works so don’t overlook dressing up and getting into character. 

2. Go in the late spring and early summer or fall. The trees and greenery will be full and lush! The leaves provide screening for you and it makes it harder for the RanchTracker to find you.

3. If you hear something that sounds like a horse or the tracker...Stop dead in your tracks! Both the horse and the tracker are looking for movement.  If you are properly camouflaged, the leaves and brush will do the rest.

4. If you are sure that you’ve been spotted, Split up. It is hard for the tracker to follow two people at once if they have split up.  (if there are multiple groups at the same time however, the tracker is required to only catch one fugitive)

5. Go where a horse can't. The river’s edge is the safest place for you to head to if you think you’ve been spotted.  The drop from the playing area to the river’s edge is quite steep and there are only a few places the horse can travel down to the river.

There you have it! 5 Awesome tips to help you beat the RanchTracker. Now...are you up for the chase!? 

When you are ready to book simply click this link, pick a date and get your camo on. (Promo code “Tracker” to save $10)



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