How “Tasting” can Change your Life

Feb 21, 2019

One of the tasks that I enjoy the most is “tasting”.  If there is a hobby called “tasting”... well… sign me up.  Vacations and excursions often become work as my wife and I invariably find ourselves tasting and experimenting with foods, wines and beers.  With the plethora of locally owned restaurants, roasterys and breweries available, we rarely find ourselves wrapped up in the “big chains” any more.

We like to ask ourselves… what makes this restaurant unique?  What would we do if we owned this restaurant or that brewery? It’s really a lot of fun.  

With thousands of varieties of coffees, teas, wines, beers and, of course, foods to choose from the challenge to choose favourites is definitely difficult and… when we find a favourite, we try pairing it with something else.  The pool is wide and deep my friend and swimming in it is not for the faint of heart.

Even in this moment… I am surrounded by coffees from a local roastery called Maker House Coffee Co.  I see Costa Rica, Tanzania, Guatemala and a flavour of coffee called Space Lift! I can hardly wait! interestingly enough, the bean from Tanzania is called PeaBerry which, as I understand it, is a unique type of bean that generates an amazing flavour of fine chocolate, berries, brown sugar, cream and it’s all balanced with a citrus finish!  Looks like I’m going to be busy for a while (and wide awake).

Learning to look for flavours and developing your palate can truly be life changing.  How? Because you learn to slow down. We all live in a fast environment so what can be better than taking time to savour the flavours?  So, next time you sit down to a cup of coffee, a chilled beer, glass of wine, or to a dinner at your favourite restaurant… stop and think about the flavours as they hit your palate and then take note of the new direction your life is about to take.

Reserve for an upcoming Heritage Ranch Wine Tasting Workshop: 

Part 2: Ice Wine and Sleigh Tours
February 22nd or 23rd @ 5pm

Part 1: The Original Wine Tasting
March 8th @ 6pm

Part 3: All Canadian Wines 
March 15th @ 6pm



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