5 Food Trends to Watch For

Mar 21, 2019

One of our suppliers invited us to join them in a tasting of some of their local products. We accepted and were pleased to note a few trends.

1.At the top of the list is sharing plates.  People are turning to group orders and they are turning away from single plate orders.  Possibly a nod to the family dining style of old.

2.  Self Serve is fast becoming a thing.  Going up to the bartender and ordering a freshly pulled beer is somehow very satisfying.

3.Elevated comfort food.  Traditional names for food that have been brought up a couple of notches.

4.Unique meats that have traditionally been ignored are now being brought to the forefront.  Holstein beef is a delicious meat but it takes 19 months to bring the beef to market whereas other breeds can be brought to the butcher much earlier.

5.Flavour Enjoyment!  Who knew? More variety, smaller quantities and tastier bites.  Savoury flavours and more time spent with friends and family at the table.

So, we take it all back with us to the ranch and go to work on the menu.

Drop in soon and check out the changes to our lunch menu!  We will be launching a new dinner menu in the very near future too!  Come and join the fun.



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