Beyond Garlic & Salt

Mar 14, 2019

As we boarded the plane to Victoria we discussed food choices and selections for the restaurant.  What is The WestLake Grill about… what is its’ purpose. Kim suddenly commented… it’s got to be more than just garlic and salt… we need to share what we’ve experienced about flavours through our years in the restaurant business.  As per usual, she nailed it exactly.

We traveled to Victoria tasting various menus and exploring unique pairings.  All through the week we observed the presentation and experienced the flavours.  We immersed ourselves in the art and the culture of the Island. Adapting to the sights and sounds around us made the trip fun.  We thought about how the art and culture influenced the restaurants.

The close proximity of the sea and tasting all that the sea has to offer was also part of the fun.  Fresh delicious oysters are readily available. I thought of how fortunate we are to have access to Alberta Beef, unique root vegetables and fresh farm raised chickens, lamb, bison and greens.  Our menu needs to reflect our Alberta Ranch culture. Feature the local distilleries and breweries. We need to highlight the talent of our chef and of our in house baker. Bring it all together into one or two pages of an amazing menu.

So, with new purpose and a clearly defined direction… we move forward with The WestLake Grill in creating amazing dining experiences and in sharing foods and flavours that reach far beyond garlic and salt.



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