Creativity and Execution

Mar 08, 2019

Over the last few days, I’ve been reminded of the importance of preparation.  Preparation is the piece that ties Creativity and Execution together. Wednesday afternoon we watched figure skaters performing here in Red Deer for the Canadian Winter games hosted by the City of Red Deer.  I thought about the creativity of the choreographers who put the programs together. The hours put into the skaters by the coaches and of course the hours of practice the skaters put into their program. That’s a lot of preparation.  

By 7:00 PM we were seated at Atreveta in Sylvan Lake preparing our palettes for the amazing Phinxto (Pinchos) that were about to come.  Phinxto’s are the equivalent of tapas and they are to savoured bite by bite. To prepare for our dining experience, we started a bottle of white wine imported from Spain.  The hours of preparation from the kitchen were evident in the selection of foods we tasted and sampled.

Its interesting to me to think about the reasons why we put in the hours of preparation to do what we do.  For us at the Ranch… it’s about the guest experience. Bringing all the teams creativity together, preparing for the night/event and finally, executing.  There is a lot of satisfaction in the execution for all involved.

I asked our chef today, what motivated him and I am excited to here his response.  When people respond positively to what he does. When guests ask to see him to thank him for the experience, his creativity is inspired anew.  It’s a cyclical. Amazing ideas, hours of preparation, positive feedback = fresh new ideas. : )



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