Guest Experience Essentials

Mar 04, 2019

There are basically 5 types of guests out there, according to The Effortless Experience authors Matthew Dixon, Nick Toman and Rick DeLisi.

  1. The Controller

  2. The Entertainer

  3. The Empathizer

  4. The Thinker

  5. The Analyzer

Each personality type requires different handling techniques.

The controller for example, wants to know that everything has been thought through.  She likes to know that there is a plan in place and she wants to know that the overall experience will be well managed.  The entertainer wants to entertain.  He craves the opportunity to entertain.  The empathizer is a great listener and wants to understand what motivates the people around her.  The thinker would just like a little time… to think about what’s going on and he likes to know what his options are.  The analyzer wants some data.  She craves facts so she can analyze them for best results.

For small business operators, this information is gold.  Training your staff to identify these personality types is time well spent.  When working with a controller, simply let him know how the guest experience is going to go.  For example, “When you arrive, you will be asked a few questions regarding your needs then you will be introduced to a staff member who can help you.”  

It is worth noting that we are not always the same “type” in every situation.  For example, if you are in your comfort zone… you are generally more likely to be a controller than an empathizer.  If on the other hand you are out of your comfort zone, you may adapt a more analytical approach. So taking time to properly assess the guest is an important step.

It is important to understand the reason you are labeling your guests.  The end goal is really to be able to serve your guest to the best of your ability.  Any information you can gather about your guest to give them an effortless experience is worth pursuing.



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