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Come by Heritage Ranch and WestLake Grill for a walk and drive-in style takeout order. Drive-in, order and while we prepare your meal enjoy a walk around the trails of Heritage Ranch! Pull up to a stall, call or text us your stall number, menu item number…

Apr 24, 2020 // Read More

One of our suppliers invited us to join them in a tasting of some of their local products. We accepted and were pleased to note a few trends. 1.At the top of the list is sharing plates.  People are turning to group orders and they are turning away from si…

Mar 21, 2019 // Read More

As we boarded the plane to Victoria we discussed food choices and selections for the restaurant.  What is The WestLake Grill about… what is its’ purpose. Kim suddenly commented… it’s got to be more than just garlic and salt… we need to share what we’ve exp…

Mar 14, 2019 // Read More

Over the last few days, I’ve been reminded of the importance of preparation.  Preparation is the piece that ties Creativity and Execution together. Wednesday afternoon we watched figure skaters performing here in Red Deer for the Canadian Winter games host…

Mar 08, 2019 // Read More

Every year we pull out all of the stops and host a night of Easter Egg Hunting.  The Flashlight Easter Egg hunt is a fun night for all attending. We purchase the BIG Chocolate Bunny for the lucky hunter who finds the stuffed toy and we populate the propert…

Mar 07, 2019 // Read More

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"One word: Phenomenal. I was recently invited to try the brand new menu @westlake_grill and lemme tell ya... I think this is some of the best food in Red Deer, hands down (and I don’t say that lightly). I don’t know ab…
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