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Horses live in a world that is based on fight, flight or freeze.  They communicate with each other on an action/reaction level. Body language is the main language horses understand.  So if we have any hope of training them for our purposes we really need t…

Mar 05, 2019 // Read More

There are basically 5 types of guests out there, according to The Effortless Experience authors Matthew Dixon, Nick Toman and Rick DeLisi. The Controller The Entertainer The Empathizer The Thinker The Analyzer Each personality…

Mar 04, 2019 // Read More

This week we sat down to discuss our food and wine passion.  How can we bring our guests a truly amazing Saturday Afternoon?   What if we crafted an experience around food and wine.  What if we brought in knowledgeable presenters to speak to the room on a…

Mar 02, 2019 // Read More

Today we sat down with our lunch menu prototype.  Looking at the costs and discussing all of the variables.  Thousands of options exist but we are boiling it all down to a create an early spring lunch menu that will satisfy everyone.  No easy task to be su…

Mar 01, 2019 // Read More

How do we keep the team on point to create amazing experiences?  We start by building an amazing team! This takes time and it’s worth it.     A big piece of the puzzle is aligning your vision with the individual team members.   Spending time with your co…

Feb 25, 2019 // Read More

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All of our staff loved every minute of it! The food, atmosphere, service, table setup, sleigh ride…it was all great! I was wondering if I could book us in for next year already?
- JSK Consulting


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