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She Was at the Ranch

JULY 23rd from 3pm until 5pm

In the elegant intimacy of the ranch, Sabrina Samuel (she/her) will present inspiring poems of women. The imagery of She Was brings you back to the incredible women who made you who you are. Meet the author as she reads, tells stories and entertains you.
Pairing phenomenal women with phenomenal words calls only for one more pleasure: phenomenal wine. 
Expect one, 3 oz glass of white wine and two, 3 oz glasses of red wine carefully selected to match the poetry. Prepare to be elevated and enriched.  

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Pirate Treasure Hunt

Ahoy Mateys! 

Pirates have taken over Heritage Ranch and they have hidden their secret treasure somewhere out there! We need your help to track it down!
Bring your Smart phone and Compass (there's an app for that!) and join us on a PIRATE TREASURE HUNT!
Treasure Hunt and Lunch Packages available! 

 Call 403-347-4977

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We all loved your wonderful decorations and the ambiance that Heritage Ranch offers. The food was spectacular! We now have new ‘meat loaf lovers’! We also had a few special request meals which were personally delivered an…
- Collicutt Centre


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