Horse Adventures

At Heritage Ranch, we have something for everyone. From memorable, safe and scenic pony and horse trail rides. Or cosy up with blankets and hot chocolate for our winter horse-drawn sleigh rides as you experience a dazzling display of 40,000 Christmas lights and feel the magic and tranquillity of the Christmas season with family, friends & loved ones (*Sleigh Rides is Seasonal). For all adrenaline enthusiasts, we also have something you won't forget! Undergo the thrill of being a fugitive on the run and trying to escape from our Ranch Tracker as you flee through over 50 acres of the Ranch woods and the rugged environment with nothing more than a map and compass! 


Ranch Tracker

Experience the thrill of being a fugitive. Shortly after you are dropped off, we release the ranch tracker and the game is on. You have one hour to remain at large and capture all four flags. You are equipped with a map of the area and a compass, or if you prefer, a GPS option is available.  Stay low, move slow when you can, and run hard when you get the chance. Celebrate your victory with a Ranch Approved ribeye steak dinner!





Trail Rides

Discover Red Deer with scenic horse trail rides at Heritage. Enjoy one-hour guided trail rides and enjoy a fun-filled morning or afternoon with family and friends. Horse trail rides offer a relaxing, fun and new experience for individuals of all ages to bond with horses and escape the hustle of the city and connect with nature.

Experience Heritage Ranch on Horseback! Enjoy a 1 hour Trail Ride through the scenic Trails! 
This experience is for ages 8+ and up to groups of 5 guests at this time! 
$65/per person

Our trail rides have finished for the 2021 Season - Join us next year! 


Pony Rides

Visit us at the Ranch for children pony rides! Enjoy your summers with pony rides and build memories with your children at Heritage Ranch as they interact and enjoy the fun, safe and exciting experience of riding on a pony! Explore Heritage Ranch and have fun and make memories together with our pony rides!


Our pony rides have finished for the 2021 Season - Join us next year!





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